How to Pay Yourself a Pension Now That You’re Retiring

How to Pay Yourself a Pension Now That You’re Retiring

A SMSF, a self managed super fund is one of the most popular investment options for thousands, yet many don’t know how they can get a pension amount from their funds. It can be quite a tricky little solution for Australians but it doesn’t need to be impossible. So, the following are a few steps to pay a pension to yourself from a self managed super fund when you’re retiring.

Check the Trust Deed of the Self Managed Super Fund

When the fund is to pay out a pension for someone, there are different provisions which may determine the amount of pension available. This means you have to carefully look at your self managed superannuation fund trust deed and see what it says. There may be a clause to say when the income amount can be paid. Sometimes, it may be when you reach a certain age or some other clause to say when you’re eligible. The deed should set out how the income amount is to be structured also.

How to Pay Yourself a Pension Now That You’re Retiring

A Product Disclosure Statement Must Be Constructed

Everyone in Australia who uses a super fund and who wishes to receive their pension amount must create a Product Disclosure Statement. This is important because it actually helps to make an informed decision about certain finances and the trustee must prepare this for each member. There is a lot of legal information to go through here so it may be wise to consult a lawyer for help. To find out more check out

The PDS Must Be Accepted

Once the trustee has created the Product Disclosure Statement each member who wants to receive their pension amounts must agree to it. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue and hopefully there will be no issues. If there are no further complications or problems, you should be able to receive the pension within a short period of time. A SMSF may seem difficult but it can be very easy with a little help.

Consult a Lawyer If You Are Unsure Of the Procedure

While many can easily use a self managed super fund, there are still many who often find it a difficult practice especially when it comes to the pension. This means that if you are having issues, it may be best to consult a lawyer or law professional to help you understand the steps. You can also visit our top article here to read more. This may even be best to help you ensure everything is handled with care and goes without a hitch. Lawyers who specialize in this area can absolutely help you to ensure everything is above board and goes right.

Enjoy Your Retirement

When you are heading towards retirement age, it should be the time to sit back and relax. In the end click this link: for more to know. You should always take this seriously and when you know how to approach your super fund, getting your pension shouldn’t be too much of an issue. This can be an important thing for most people so don’t take it for granted. Get your pension from your self managed super fund.

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